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AMS-Regulateur AMS. wall clocks are a synonym for esthetics and quality. Precise and reliable movements, the finest selection of high-quality materials and a design carefully planned in detail make these precious Black Forest clocks a class of their own.Quartz-Pendeluhr

Based on these requirements, two types of designs have been developed:

THE ELEGANT CLASSICS: Using the very finest materials, these AMS clocks give you that feeling of warmth and nature. Intarsia and precious veneers of cherry or walnut, bevelled, fine-polished mineral glasses, fine-milled hands, and a polished satin-matt finish - those are the features that characterize a precious clock at first sight.

However, a look inside the clock will reveal what’s decisive to make you enjoy the clock for a very long time. A high-quality movement, designed and manufactured with the utmost precision, virtually brings the clock to life. The soothing atmosphere of the pendulum movement and the harmonic beat of a Westminster-Chime or Bim-Bam Strike will bring lasting joy to generations.

These are our roots.

KonstruktionszeichnungTHE TREND DESIGN: Design comes to life with innovative ideas that make headlines and really present something new. It is therefore with a purpose that the AMS designs use and experiment with new shapes and materials. The demand to individually design and decorate one’s living environment is, thus, given new impulses.

No matter whether aluminum, glass, acrylic, steel or brass are processed for a variety of surface structures, any AMS contemporary design uses wood as the basic material and thus builds a bridge to tradition and to other decorative elements in your home.

With AMS you may find your very personal accent in contemporary esthetics.

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