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Flexibility and Availability
for Our Clients

Service is one of our main concerns.
We therefore try to answer our clients’ requirements
with the highest degree of flexibility and in due time.

AMS.clocks are sold through our exclusive partners
in all the main markets in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

For more information contact:

Adalbert Mayer

AMS-Uhrenfabrik A. Mayer GmbH

Josef-Zähringer-Str. 103

78120 Furtwangen im Schwarzwald

Phone: (++49) 07723 / 91940

Fax: (++49) 07723 / 919415

or via eMail: info@ams-clocks.de

AMS-Uhrenfabrik * Furtwangen * 07723 / 91940 * info@ams-clocks.de

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