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1776 Joseph Mayer (1754-1828) from Waldau near Neustadt deals with clocks in the city of Copenhagen and also does repair work. He is a close relative of the very famous clockmakers Mathäus Hummel, the so-called “Jägerstieger”, Joseph Ganter, and Benedikt Faller.

German Mayer
German Mayer
1838 His grandson German Mayer (1815-1896), a clockmaker by profession like his four brothers, establishes the German Mayer Companie in Reading/England, making himself the head of this association of clock dealers.

1841 On December 14, German’s father Andreas Mayer (1787-1864) sends a delivery of clocks and clock parts to Reading. The invoice in the amount of 937 gulden and 5 kreuzer is the first written document of Mayer’s clockmaking tradition which is why the year 1841 is considered the year of foundation.
1900 Six to eight clockmakers and assistants work in Mayer’s clockmaking workshop managed by German’s second oldest son Joseph Mayer (1853-1903). He started to design new types of clocks and also manufactured music boxes.

1906 Alois Mayer (1885-1962), Joseph’s oldest son, establishes a high-pressure water supply to drive the lathes and other equipment – a significant step towards series production. Until World War I, the company almost exclusively manufactures so-called “twin alarms” for the English market.

1922 The company is entered in the commercial register under the name of “Alois Mayer, Uhrenfabrik Schönenback”. In 1954, it puts on the market the “music clock with four dancing figures”, designed by Heinrich Mayer, as the first clockmaking company in the Black Forest.
Alois Mayer sitzt an der Werkbank
Werkstatt in Schönenbach. Vorne Alois Mayer
1957 The A.Mayer OHG managed by the sons Heinrich (born in 1927) and Konrad (born in 1930) moves into a new, two-store manufacturing building in Schönenbach which is significantly enlarged in 1965. While in 1959 the production was about 11,000 clocks per year, it increased to 45,000 in 1972. At that time, the company had 40 employees.

1981 Foundation of the AMS-Uhrenfabrik A.Mayer GmbH, with Adalbert Mayer (born in 1960) joining the partnership. In January 1993, A.Mayer becomes the Managing Director and, together with his father Heinrich, manages the company in its sixth generation.

2001 New logistic concept with a newly built warehouse. The new building with 1400 square meter provides highest flexibility, efficient and quick deliveries to our customers world wide.
Today, the company has 25 staff members and comprises of a production area of 1,500 square meters for the manufacture of component parts, surface finish and assembly.

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